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This coming Saturday, the 15th of December, I will be reading at Country Voices, the Meadow Inn, Ironbridge, Shropshire. I’ve a twenty-minute slot so I’m hoping to read a short story in its entirety. At the moment, I’m thinking of reading Joyce’s Garden which sounds quite idyllic but isn’t. Joyce’s garden is yet to find a home, but I’m really pleased with it, and hopefully, the crowd will be too as I’m bringing some books to sell – when I find where I’ve hidden them.

If you’re lucky I may even smile. No promises.

The Meadow Inn looks lovely, I’ve never been, but the photos are excellent, and it looks over the river Severn in Ironbridge. Look, here’s a picture montage followed by a map.

The Aerial view should be handy for those of you who are parachuting in. 
Dead easy to get to.

If you do make the journey please say hello and buy a book. Did I mention I’ll be selling books?

You don’t need to jump into the River Severn to fully appreciate this book.