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I missed yesterday’s sketch because I was at a gig in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Swoon, how exotic. I went to see the incredibly talented Graham Coxon. It was one of those gigs that you know will stay with you a long time. Coxon is moving, evocative, at ease, awkward, brave, nervous, challenging, innovative and most of all mesmerising. His guitar playing leaves me speechless. Such a huge talent.

Anyway, after all that build up, here’s my average sketch of the great man in action.


This is Staedtler pigment liner straight onto paper – that’s fibre-tip pen to you and me. It’s not too bad considering – guitars are always a bastard to draw. There’s lots wrong with this, shush, but I think the hair’s okay.

The Tooth And Nothing But


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Here’s some bloke with a toothy smile.

This is pencil on cartridge paper. I wonder what his name is?

I’ve been focusing on people recently because I want some interesting characters to use with my young writers group this Saturday. We’re going to look at advice columns/blogs. I’ll ask them to choose a character and to come up with a problem they need advice on. When they’ve written the problem, I’ll get them to swap with other members of the group and they can then write replies. I think it should be a good exercise for developing characters and stories.

Writing Writing Writing


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Remember that? The writing thing? Well, I’ve some good news with regards to published work and public performances.

First up, Mantle Lane Press have taken my short story, Electricity, to be included in a wonderful anthology that focuses on outsiders. The collection is entitled Songs for the Elephant Man. They’re also going to publish a long short story of mine called, Submerged. More news on this soon.

On the performance front, I’ll be reading a short story as part of a Room 204 sharing session at the Birmingham Literature Festival, and reading at Country Voices at a cosy pub in Ironbridge.

I’ll add full details soon.

Gee, Ren.


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Tonight’s speed sketch is once again in pencil on paper. This is a real quickie as I’m short on time. This is a drawing of a 3D bath toy that a friend brought back from the States in the 90’s.

Hopefully, I’ll have more time tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow I’ll post some writing news regarding publications and readings – after all this is a writing blog.