Fletcher writes for money shocker!

Writing can be a lonely, solitary business – I say ‘business’ in the loosest sense of the word as there’s often very little financial reward attached to it. However, money comes in useful; it pays the bills, keeps me in printer ink and comics and keeps the family off my back when they’re wondering why they haven’t seen me in ages. If you find yourself in need of a writer then I’m your man, but don’t just take my word for it just look at the people below who’ve paid me real money to put words together!

Here are some of the fun things people pay me to do:

June 2016: Geese Theatre Company (are awesome) commissioned me to deliver a writing work shop for people in recovery.

Autumn 2015: I’ve been asked to print and demonstrate the printing of posters at a Birmingham Lit Fest event at the Ikon Gallery.

Winter 2014: I was commissioned to deliver writing workshops in a mental health setting.

Autumn 2014: As part of the Birmingham Literature Festival, I’ve been commissioned to write a comic strip. Working alongside the incredibly talented Anya Jung, we shall produce an original piece of dark, visual fiction.

Summer 2013: I delivered writing workshops in four prisons across the East Midlands with Geese Theatre Company.

Summer 2013: I was commissioned by the West Midlands Readers Network to write a short story (2000 words) for a library book group.

Summer 2013: I was asked by the Regal Cinema, in Tenbury Wells, to write some short pieces to be shared with cinema goers before they saw the film. The pieces were to compliment the films but not give away any plot details. I produced two poems and two pieces of dialogue for the films, A Good Day To Die Hard, Cloud Atlas, The Great Gatsby and G.I. Joe, quite an eclectic mix I’m sure you’ll agree. This was challenging and great fun and I got paid, which is always nice. If you visit the Regal and saw any of the pieces please let me know.

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