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Do you work in the Arts? If you do it’s likely that you come from a middle-class background or if you don’t you’re most likely part of a dying breed.

Yesterday, The Guardian, reported on a survey looking at diversity in the Arts run by  Create in collaboration with Goldsmiths Universitypanic.

“A whole host of studies have demonstrated clear evidence of inequalities in cultural jobs based on people’s gender, ethnicity and class,” says Dave O’Brien of Goldsmiths, who is heading up the research. “However, there has yet to be a comprehensive picture from across different occupations. There’s a need for much more comprehensive data about working life in the cultural and creative industries.” Goldsmiths recently found that only 18% of Britain’s cultural workforce were born to parents with working-class jobs.

A previous study revealed significant obstacles for working-class actors. “People from working-class backgrounds were underrepresented compared to those from more affluent backgrounds,” O’Brien says. “Access to drama schools, the ability to get a top agent, and the ability to live in London and do the multiple, often unpaid, jobs that allow access to acting were clearly related to an actor’s social background.”

The results will be out in November and no prizes for guessing what they’ll turn up. However, to give them a clear picture as possibly why not click on this link and take part in the survey? It only takes a couple of minutes. Click here.