2nd Panel – A Walk In The Park


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Following on from yesterday’s post here’s panel number two.

I split the panel in two and put two different scenes in the background to give the impression of movement.

The far leg isn’t great, and we won’t talk about the hands, but it’s looking okay in regards to comic books and storytelling.

Two more panels to go and then I’ll have to think of something else to ink.

Panel Show


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Yesterday, No.1 Daughter and I went to a marvellous workshop at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. The workshop was run by Dr Nicola Streeten and Cath Tate as part of the Birmingham Literature Festival.

We looked at visual story telling through greetings cards and graphic novels. Cath talked us through her work and considerations for greetings cards and Nicola the same for graphic novels. The two hours flew by and incorporated some fun and challenging drawing activities. The culmination of this was all of us producing our own four panel stories. The daughter and I agreed to leave our work there as a backdrop for a talk today, so I’ve recreated/completed the first panel above here.

Here are some pics of the work we produced on the night.



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Here’s a drawing done entirely in ink – no penciling out before hand. It’s not too bad considering. Knowing that whatever mark you make is permanent sure makes you look a lot more closely at what you drawing and the marks that you’re making.


It has a sepia tint because I shot it on my phone under the yellow lighting of the back bedroom. I used the Tombow flexible brushes for the majority of this – a black and a selection of greys. In fact, the only fine line work I did was on the hair and that was with the trusty Staedtler pens – a 0.5.

I quite like this, but I’m sure my son will hate it.

I’m finding Inktober a bit harder to be consistent with compared to Sketchtember. I’ve missed four days so far!

New Pens


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This isn’t a great likeness of the subject, but I think it captures some of their character.

Also, it would seem that I’ve been rumbled – Brian the cat does all the sketches!

I was up town yesterday and bought a couple of Sharpies and these Tombow flexible brush pens. They seem okay. I’ll have to try drawing with them directly. I’ll see if I can squeeze in another drawing later on as I’ve missed a few.

Up At The Lake


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Another quick one – I just don’t have the time at the moment. This is a view of the south end of Coniston in the Lake District. It’s all fibre tipped pen and is actually black on white paper. The image is a sepia brown due to me taking the pic on my phone for speed.


I did do a little tinkering in Affinity Photo to add the sepia splashes of cloud.

I’m hoping to get a bit of time at the weekend to do some longer drawing and some writing. That will hopefully be on Sunday once I’ve got my reading at Birmingham Literature Festival out of the way and finished working with my young writers group on the Saturday. I’ve set Saturday evening aside for watching crap with the family and drinking beer.

If you’re in Birmingham this Saturday morning (October 6th) come along to Birmingham REP, the Mezzanine, and hear some great stories from a bunch of wonderful writers. Hell, you could even buy some books.

To Infinity…


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Sticking with a sci-fi theme, here’s todays Inktober offering.


This was from a rough idea I doodled at work today. Once again, it’s black fibre-tip pen. I had a pathetic attempt at adding some background detail using Affinity Photo which, as you can tell, I don’t really know how to use – don’t tell my son, he’ll only take the piss.

I know that there are lots of great tutorials online that show you how to use Affinity, I just haven’t had the time to view them yet. Anyway, I need to stop drawing for now and get on with some work.

Birmingham Literature Festival 2018


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I’ll be reading a short story, along with a host of excellent writers, and selling some books as part of the Room 204 meet up. It kicks off at 10:00 am this Saturday, October the 6th, at the Mezzanine, Birmingham REP.

Click here for booking details – entry includes coffee and a pastry!