Gee, Ren.


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Tonight’s speed sketch is once again in pencil on paper. This is a real quickie as I’m short on time. This is a drawing of a 3D bath toy that a friend brought back from the States in the 90’s.

Hopefully, I’ll have more time tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow I’ll post some writing news regarding publications and readings – after all this is a writing blog.

Taking a line for a walk


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I have a bit of a hangover today after seeing the incredible The The in Birmingham last night. I’m blaming this for my lack of ideas for today’s sketch – yes, it’s another self-portrait!

My old art college buddy, Clive Russell, pointed out a few areas for development with the last self-portrait and suggested that I draw in pen with no rubbing out. That’s what I’ve done!

The result is okay. It looks a bit like me although the mouth is a bit small and the glasses aren’t quite right.

Drawing with pen means you have to focus on what you’re looking at and be confident in your mark making – something best left for hangover free days.

Libraries are awesome.


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I’m re-blogging this essential piece on The Guardian website from Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell because it’s vitally important. Books give us access to vast amounts of knowledge and the essential world of fiction. Read on to find out why that is so important.

To read the rest of this click on the link here.

Self Portrait


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Well, this is awkward. Staring at me for just under an hour was a bit weird, but very rewarding. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not floating on a narcissistic high. No. I’m pleased, very pleased because this looks a bit like me.

Self Portrairt finished

There’s not a lot of shadow in this because I sat in the conservatory to do it and it was reasonably bright. This is pencil on paper. I used my ‘trusty’ H pencil again. I need to go through the art stuff that we have here and see what else we have. If I can get into town this weekend, I may treat myself to some charcoal!

I thought I’d show you some work in progress shots too this time.

Let me know what you think.

The Humans Are Dead.


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I’ve been mega busy today, and I still have stuff to do, but I’m glad I found some time to sketch this.

I’m pretty stressed at the moment, but I’m finding drawing quite therapeutic. This one is of a posable figure that I have. It was initially a pencil sketch that I then went over with some Staedtler fibre tip pens.

I hope you all like the Flight Of The Conchords quote.

Sketchtember is great. I have no idea what I’ll be drawing tomorrow.

A picture of Folk.


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Apologies for the awful pun, but I couldn’t resist as I’m at the Moseley Folk Festival today.

This sketch was another 15-20 minute jobbie. It was a lot harder than the Brian sketch as I felt very self-conscious as people were all around me and people tend to move, a lot!

This one is also pencil, I may add some inks later to give it some more depth.

Im really enjoying this so far; I forgot how good it feels to draw.