Are you self-isolating, contemplating the viral apocalypse, or just keen to help others through this difficult time? Then, if you’re a writer, poet, scriptwriter, storyteller, filmmaker, or just a keen amateur this could be right up your street.

Passing a story on, not a virus.

I’m gathering together a wild creative bunch of the above people to produce a viral story – don’t worry, it’s not infectious. No, it’s viral in the sense that you have the story and then pass it onto somebody else who passes it onto somebody else who…you get the idea.

How will it work? I or somebody else will start the story off by speaking to camera, most computers/phones have this facility these days, for between two to three minutes, that’s around 260-390 words. That video will then be uploaded and shared across social media with the next contributor tagged in. They will continue the story for another 2-3mins and then tag another writer in. Obviously, I don’t want to be tagging writers in who are unable to take part so I will put a call out on twitter etc. to see who’s interested first. If you’ve ever played the drawing game consequences or used till-roll poetry in a writing workshop, it’s the same idea.

Let me know if you’re interested ASAP as I’d like to try and get this up and running today or tomorrow at the latest.