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If like me, British comics, and especially 2000AD, have a special place in your heart then today is a sad day. Today we lost Carlos Ezquerra. Ezquerra was a huge talent who co-created one of the most iconic characters ever, Judge Dredd. Carlos’s work had a huge impact on me as a child, and I would often try to copy his drawings. Therefore, it seems only fitting that my first offering for Inktober should be in honour of him.

I loved Ezquerra’s early vision of Dredd, a lean, mean justice machine. In more recent times Dredd has grown older and beefier, but it’s these early visions of a youthful Joe Dredd that still resonate with me all these years later.

If you look closely, you can see my initial pencil marks – I haven’t bothered to rub them out yet. This was inked with fibre-tipped pens and a sharpie.

Farewell Carlos.