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Hi web dwellers,

On Sunday, September the 11th, 2016, I will be taking part in the Memory Walk at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society and in memory of the lady below.


This is a first: a post that has nothing to do with writing, creativity, art or politics. I’d like your attention for a few minutes to highlight a cause that means a lot to me: The Alzheimer’s Society. These guys do a huge amount of valuable work for people and families who are coping with dementia.

The stunner above, with the film star looks, was my Nan, (Nan is a term that some of us Brits use for Grandmother.) I never knew her when she looked like this, but the picture gives a hint of the fiery, cantankerous, strong willed woman that fed and spoilt me when I was growing up.


She died a few years ago, but we lost her long before that to dementia. My mother became her carer and had to watch first-hand as the woman she knew and loved slipped away. Eventually, it was too difficult to care for her at home and she had to go into a home. This was a very difficult decision for all involved.

The Alzheimer’s Society help many people like my Nan, but they rely upon donations from the public to do so. Please give what you can by clicking on the link below and help the Alzheimer’s Society to continue to do the essential work that they do.

Huge thanks to you all for reading.


P.S. If you’d like to know more about the Alzheimer’s Society please click on the link below.