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What’s coming up on the writing workshop radar? Well, this.


Those crazy people at the Bournville Bookfest have only gone and asked me to run a comic book writing workshop as part of their programme for children with Special Needs!

book fest slot

From the Bookfest brochure.

The workshop is aimed at anyone who’s interested in making comics. I’ll be using the Comic Life app to show you how you can very quickly make slick looking comic strips. We’ll be focusing on the essentials: character, plot and dialogue. Everyone who attends will have the opportunity to develop a unique story and to produce a finished comic strip. We won’t worry about drawing ability or drawing full stop, if you’re not comfortable with that, as you can use anything you want to tell a story. (You can use photographs from your iPad or take pictures on the day.) The only boundaries will be your imagination!


Adventure Time meets the Avengers.

I’ve taught children with Special Needs for many years and have found that the visual, sequential nature of story telling used in comics is something that they easily relate to – just the same as mainstream kids – and that they can get a great deal of pleasure out of producing their own.

The workshop will be at Selly Oak Trust School on Saturday the 19th of March. There’s no recommended age for the workshop. We’ll leave it up to parents to judge for themselves, after all, no one knows your children better than you. All I would ask is that participants have an interest in comics and that they can tolerate me working with them. They will need some level of literacy – I’m not bothered about spelling – as they will be writing dialogue for their marvellous characters.



Finn and Jake in trouble again.


How do I book this great workshop? Scroll to the end and I’ll tell you.


The UK’s finest weekly comic.


Here are some examples of what you can do with the Comic Life app:

chubby bunny and dusty hare -1horrendous holiday!-1Blank-1

Booking for the workshop can be made by clicking here. The link will take you to the Bournville Bookfest booking page.

The programme can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop please leave them in the comments section below.