What do you value? Not being paid £2.60 an hour that’s for sure.


The budget yesterday is scarcely worth commenting upon, delivering as it does a hefty dose of human misery, combined with some cheeky opportunism, and the usual sops to petrol heads and The Daily Mail. No surprises there.

What has been exercising me is perhaps more philosophical. It is the question of value, or worth.

Both of these terms are moral concepts, yet they infuse the vocabulary of economics, finance, money. “Shareholder value” is held to be sacrosanct, whilst “high net worth” individuals command a raft of services to protect and defend all that dosh.  Whilst I’m always happy to attack the short-termism of “shareholder value” thinking, and mock the “How To Spend It” vacuity of the super-rich, I’d like to begin by attacking someone at the bottom of the pile.

That person is a nail polish operative from Southend. She was one of a group of people interviewed by Channel…

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