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By the time you read this the mighty Anya Jung will have finished her first day’s drawing of our comic strip Raven. Based in the Library of Birmingham for the duration of the Birmingham Literature Festival Anya will be on display scribbling, inking, colouring and lettering until our wonderful story is finished.

I’ve not been able to get in today -work commitments- and I’m itching to see what she’s done so far. As you can see from the rough layout below it’ll be a corker. I’ll be calling in tomorrow to see how its going and if any of my text needs revising. I’ll take some snaps while I’m there and -if I get the time- post them tomorrow.

Rough page layout from Anya.

Rough page layout from Anya.

The guys at Birmingham Literature Festival Control have set up a blog exclusively for Raven where you can see some early sketches and get a feel for where the story is heading.

The Raven blog can be found here, go on, treat yourself.