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Most of you that follow this blog, or my twitter feed, will know by now that Unthology 5 is out. You’ll also know that Unthology 5 is an incredible collection of short stories that wrestle with a topics as diverse as child abduction and the end of the world. You’ll know that these sublime tales come in many shapes and sizes, some no more than a couple of pages focusing on a single character and others more abstract and far ranging. But, do you have any idea what writers talk about when they meet up? What do they think is the perfect short story, or the required number of crustaceans for a tale? No? Well, you’re in luck. Those wonderful people at Unthank Books have been posting conversations between the writers of Unthology 5 and my conversation with Charles Wilkinson is now up. Just click on the picture below to enjoy.

unthology interview